Philly style!

Hey it’s better than me singing the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which is about all I can do when we talk about going to Philly. (Admit it, you’d sing along with me.)

We’re attending the awesome Art Star Craft Bazaar, but you know, if you’re mobile, you should also go to the 9th Street Italian Market Fest, and say hi to our new craft show bestie, Sara from girlscantell. I have a big long blog post that’s halfway done about meeting her, but the short version is that Phil and I both found her blog awhile back, we both use it as a source of inspiration on doing this crafty biz thing, and then, at the Brooklyn Lyceum show, we set up across from her for a whole weekend. (!!!) There may have been a squeal from me, but I can’t divulge such secrets, and she was way cooler than we could have hoped. Lots of fun, goofy, smart, willing to wear masking tape mustaches with me to celebrate Mustache May… sigh. Heart.

So stalking your blogger inspirations will sometimes work out. Just sayin’. (Be cool though, be cool. Don’t look like an ass.)

In any case, come see us, then go see her, if you’re anywhere near Philly. And if you’re not near Philly, if you leave now, you just might make it in time.