These are the things I love today, from small crafters whose work I love. Consider this a conscientious gift-buying guide. No one in their right mind needs a hot cocoa making appliance (even if it IS on sale), but everyone should get a little handmade-gifting love this holiday:

The Coolest Cloud from Argyle Whale:

Green textured dupioni silk pillow from Darling Octopus:

Monkit the Monstroctopus from loveandsandwich:

(For the name alone people, seriously.)

Hoop earrings from Swear Jar Design:

I have these in red and wear them all the time. Plus, made by a guy. I have much love for the male crafty types.

Fusion Drop Pendant from Wearable Jules:

Mean Cards (effing HILARIOUS):

And Monster Face t-shirts from my wonderful husband’s Etsy store:

Disclaimer: I confess to grabbing all of these images from the artists’ websites without permission. If anyone wants me to take it down, I will. (But I love your work, and just want other people to love it too. ‘kay?)

Things I love this week

These are the things I’ve found on the internet recently that I’m in deep, deep like with, and I thought I’d share:

  • Canvas bags, decorated with fabric paint, and not an ounce of cheesiness to be found. Instructions with photos here.
  • My twitter friends Bob and Stephanie, on NPR’s “The Story”, talking about “Love in the Time of Foreclosure”:
    The interview
    Their blog

  • I actually found this link months ago, but started thinking about it again recently. I need to start baking – and how can you go wrong when your recipe’s author’s name is Vampire Gran? Here’s her recipe for scones, which sounds delicious, and totally achievable. (You’ve also got to give her points for the name of her blog post for this recipe.)
  • And one cooking project I have actually managed to make: Bicycle Soup from another Twitter pal, Cassi. I made this recently, and it was DELISH. We added mushrooms, and I sort of feel that whatever veggies you throw in will work just fine. No bicycles will be harmed in the making of this soup.

Phil and I are headed out to three craft fairs this weekend, for more details, check out his blog post, which includes details for getting a discount.