No Sleep till BROOKLYN!

It’s the only headline I can come up with when we drive up there. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Phil and I are headed to Brooklyn this weekend to the Lyceum Spring Food and Craft Market. There will be BEER on site. Craft shows with beer can’t be anything less than awesome. Craft shows with beer and baby octopi and baby apes? It’s gonna be RIDICULOUS.

I’ve been a little stressed out about this show. We did a show in Brooklyn last year, and wasn’t quite as successful as we were anticipating. I’ve tempered my expectations for this show, but I can’t lie, I’m getting excited about it. Come on, Brooklyn, bring the awesome! We are. 🙂


Boredom Cure

So I’ll admit it. I’ve had this blog for entirely too long, but I don’t post often, because it’s intimidating. I’ve been trying to figure out what My Next Post should be about. Um, intimidating. How about what we’ve been up to? So much to write about, but really, it’s just our life, and who wants to read about that? And yeah, that’s intimidating. For the 6 of you that might actually stop by, hi! You’re probably a friend of mine. So what is there to be intimidated about? Beats the crap out of me. So I thought about what I have been up to. The newest thing is that I’ve been going to the gym again. And it is AWESOME. I was going to the Y, and we had a family membership, but I was the only one using it, and it was a pretty hefty $80+ a month. Then a friend mentioned the new gym at VCU (he works there) and at lunch one day, I decided to stop by. It is FANTASTIC, and since I’m an alum, I can join for the low, low price of $23 a month. There’s a pool, a hot tub, yoga classes, more weight and cardio equipment than could possibly be used at once, and a really sweet indoor track.

I am SO glad that I’ve been back in the gym. I was turning into a mopey crankpot. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I get up most days and go to work. I leave work, and then… um… not much else happens. I have dinner. I clean the kitchen. I watch some TV and play with the puppy. Repeat. Without going to the gym, my life was stressful, and there was a lot going on, but I was still bored as crap. Getting back in the gym, and going by myself, means that I have something that’s mine. I have somewhere to be. I have something to do. I’m loving it, and I just want to stay with it for that reason.

So that’s part of what’s new. Maybe later this week I’ll post pics of our new sprouting things. We planted seeds a couple weekends back, and we’ve had morning glories, basil, tomatoes, sage, and carrots pop up. If things keep up, we should have a decent harvest this year!

ps – The Kitchn cure was awesome. Our cabinets are cleaned out, and the fridge was cleaned out. I heartily recommend it for anyone who doesn’t know where to begin with getting a grip on your kitchen.