A pleasant surprise

So March Madness is over, and Richmond was more caught up in then usual this year. The University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth U were both in the tourney this year, and both made it farther then anyone anticipated. VCU actually made it to the Final Four – after playing some INCREDIBLE games to get there. (Seriously, I’ve NEVER enjoyed watching a game of basketball more than the nail-biter win over Florida State and the “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” rampage over #1 Kansas.)

VCU is also where both Phil and I went to college, so of course, we were cheering for them the whole way, and so was the rest of the city. This is a city that has a love-hate relationship with itself, and could be diagnosed as mildly schizo. But for a few weeks at the end of March, all that got put on the shelf, and we were all Rams fans. The UofR Spiders were even in the crowd cheering for the Rams, after they lost their own game in the Sweet Sixteen round, which I thought was an excellent display of cross-city brotherly love and sportsmanship.

Saturday night, VCU lost their game against Butler for a spot in the final game. Of course, we were sad for the team, but at the same time SO happy for how far they’d come, and for the feisty underdog story that they’d dished up for us all to feast on.

Then this past Monday night, Phil and I were coming home from a meeting while the final was being played between UConn and Butler, and we saw this on the skyline. We were both filled with warm and fuzzies, and I thought it needed to be shared. I’m sure next week we’ll all go back to moaning about this-or-that about living here, but for now, I wanted to hold on to this: