New Year’s + 2

So more thoughts to follow, but while I have two other people to entertain my babies…

On January 1st, I was grateful for Elsie’s adorable babbles (distinct “dadadada” sounds happened for the first time), for my baby girl’s first tooth coming in, and holding her on Mimi’s porch while she napped and Enzo played. And I was very grateful for a whole day where I didn’t change a single diaper, thanks to Phil.

On January 2nd, I was grateful for my toes in the ocean, for Elsie’s first dip in the ocean, and for watching Phil & Enzo play in the sand. Grateful that Phil took us, when he knew I needed to see the ocean, when he really probably would’ve rather gone home and napped. I was grateful for good customer service, so we could return the things that were defective & improperly sized, so we could get what we needed. I was grateful for changing stations in mens rooms, not just in the ladies room.

Today, I am so, so grateful for grandma, who watched Ella for us while we were in Florida, who gladly welcomed at 7 am a van full of weary travelers who had driven 9 hours straight through the night. She took Enzo and played with him when Phil & I could barely string a sentence together, and when the time came a few hours later, she gently pushed us all into bed. Even after naps, she was the primary adult in charge of babies while Phil & I recaffeinated and recalibrated. Grateful for Phil for doing most of the driving, then staying awake even after I took over, and talking to me about who-the-heck-can-remember.

I want to log something for which I’m grateful every day this year, hopefully with a little more eloquence, but always with an open heart. 2015 will be hard, because life should stretch you. Hopefully I can remember to find moments of joy and beauty and love. Happy New Year!