PR pics

Phil and I went to Puerto Rico at the end of last month, and my photos are FINALLY uploaded.

Here’s a little taste:


For more… check out my Flickr


The Garden, part 2

60-ish days ’till the Garden

Maybe it’s because the days are getting longer, but I’m daydreaming about our garden. (Nevermind that it’s still cold enough to freeze our pipes – yes, again.) I’ve spent hours googling “organic seed catalogs.” Only two more months before I can start actually planting things. Sigh. At least I have porn seed catalogs to flip through until April.

We’re definitely planting this one again. One of my faves last year – great flavor, easy to grow, and an amazing producer.

(Side note: my father-in-law was given that book in the link by one of his CSA members. Phil and I flipped through it when we were in NY in December, and the descriptions of all the tomatoes are fabulous! A very cool book if you like growing tomatoes.)

Things I would rather be doing today than sitting here

  1. Making cupcakes
  2. Loading my photos
  3. Making photo books
  4. Swimming
  5. Vacuuming
  6. Cleaning the kitchen
  7. Shopping for ice cream, packing tape, and ground pork.
  8. Running
  9. Finishing my book
  10. Starting my blog
  11. Sorting the mail