October already?

So, that September goal of 5 posts didn’t really happen, but at least I got some things done on my list. (I promise I’ll follow up with that eventually.) The real story is in the amazing crazy weekend we had. Phil and I had art shows in Richmond Friday night, in DC Saturday, and in Lancaster, PA on Sunday.

The show Friday was for First Fridays, and happens every month on (you guessed it) the first Friday, when all the art galleries on and near Broad have opening shows. Next to Quirk gallery, there’s an art market that we’ve been doing all summer, and which has been hit-or-miss for us. As such, it’s not a show we stress out about any more. We know the otherĀ vendors, we know a lot of the customers, and it’s just a fun, no-pressure show where we just sell what we can, and engage in some really fantastic people watching. Since we had two more shows over the weekend, we also were kinda hoping not to sell TOO much, because we needed the inventory. We ended up having our best night there ever, sold one of Phil’s apes, Dodie the dodecapus, a painting, Whiskerbears, and tons of his quick monster drawings. Of course, since nothing can ever go too perfectly, we also had a tent disaster. The “light-weight” (read: can-bare-no-weight) tent we’d bought after a leaky emergency at the beginning of the summer finally succumbed to a large gust of wind and broke beyond repair. We ended up making a midnight run to Wal-Mart… and if you know us at all, you’ll know that we were REALLY desperate if we went to Wal-Mart. I HATE that place, and couldn’t have named the last time I was in one. We were able to find a new tent at midnight though, and it was much sturdier than the aluminum job that we’d previously had. We finally made it to bed at 2, to get up at 5, so we could hit the road for…

Crafty Bastards. It was held in Adams Morgan in DC, on the grounds of a school. There were well over 100 vendors, and it’s a pretty big deal to get selected. Phil applied last year but didn’t get in, and I’m glad that we were as seasoned and as prepared as we were this year. (We didn’t know CRAP six months ago!) I’ll post soon with links to all the awesome stuff we saw there. I managed to score a super sweet pair of earrings, and three awesome buttons (the last button link is NSFW). We had just as successful a day as we’d had Friday night. If we could string together a few weekends like that a month, we could definitely do this for a living. The show itself was FANTASTIC. There were TONS of people (to the point where we couldn’t see the booth across the aisle from us most of the time), and the crowd that was there at the end of the show was thick enough to be a good crowd at the height of any other show. The volunteers were great, and the whole thing was nicely organized.

After the show, we packed up and hit the road for Lancaster. Phil has a friend who moved there a few years ago, and Allan and Kerry were kind enough to let us crash on their floor. Ella (who was at all three shows with us) had a GREAT time with their two dogs, a pug (Buddha) and a Jack Russell (Sassy). After introducing Ella to Sassy, I’m convinced there’s some Jack in Ella’s lineage. The two of them were hilarious running and jumping and trying to establish alpha-ness. (Sassy tried to dominate, and Ella ignored her.) We were back up at 7, when Allan and Kerry very generously got up with us and made us an awesome breakfast with local eggs and local milk. I sure hope they went back to bed after we left! A short drive brought us to Shupp’s Grove, which is an outdoor antiques market open on the weekends, and every first Sunday of the month, it hosts Crafty by Nature, with indie crafters from the area. The grove was SUPER cool and luckily for both me and Phil the car was too packed already for either of us to bring home any of the awesome things we were eyeing (he found a radio and a bar, I found hydrangea bushes and a chest.) We only sold a drawing at the show on Sunday, but we still had a great time – I talked with the other vendors WAY more than I usually do, and traded one of Phil’s apes for a GORgeous necklace. (I love that he lets me give away his stuff for more jewelry. He must love me or something.) The show was super chill, and exactly the kind of laid-back show we needed after Friday and Saturday. It wasn’t a wash either, as we gave Alex, the organizer of the show, a bunch of merch for her super-super awesome gift shop (which we stopped by after CBN was over) and she ended up buying Phil’s last Whiskerbear from the Stitch Wars show.

It was a great weekend, although I’ve definitely had my fill of fast food. (How on Earth can anyone eat that on a regular basis? Blech.) I’m mostly recovered from the lack of sleep, thanks to an 11-hour “nap” last night. I love taking road trips with Phil and Ella, and we can’t wait to get back up to PA for some more hang-out time with all of our new friends.