What happened to August? Heck, what happened to the whole summer?

It’s been cuh-RAZY at work, with lots of people working weekends, and the rest of us rotating shifts or being on-call. Dear heavens, it should be over soon, but in reality, I kinda doubt it. There is no “down-time” for my particular job at the company, just periods of “busy” and “really REALLY busy.” I think in late December I’ll get a breather, mostly ‘cuz all our clients quiet down around the holidays.

In an effort to be a little more diligent about posting, and about keeping track of my goals and plans, here’s what we’re gonna do this month:

-finally finish the cabinet-painting job in the kitchen. Last month we took everything down, sanded, and painted, and we just haven’t had the time to clean up the drips with sandpaper and re-hang the doors, but we’re finishing that up today. A before-and-after-with-pics blog post will follow soon!

-I have my berfday! I’ll be 31 this year. Holy crap!

-drive to Brooklyn for a weekend craft-a-thon. We’ll be up there for September 12th and 13th.

-pop some bubbles and figure out something awesome to do for our 2-year anniversary.

-drive to Virginia Beach for a wedding. We’d love to stay the night, but the next day we’ll:

-sell lots o’ art at the Bizarre Market at the Visual Arts Center on Main St, RVA.

-have a belated birthday barbeque sometime the weekend of the 26th.

-Phil’s got at least three shows with his bands this month, including a house show with Now Sleepyhead on the 27th.

-clean out at least 10 boxes of crap from the basement. I’ll be getting rid old issues of Car and Driver, Fortune, Fast Company, and Sport Compact Car, and throwing out lots of junk we haven’t looked at since we moved in 4 years ago. My goal is to have the basement completely cleaned out by Christmas. A 10-box-a-month goal is a little conservative (and won’t get it done by Christmas) but I suspect that if I tell myself I only HAVE to do 10, then when I actually get into the thick of it, I’ll do more than that.

-post at least 5 times on this blog this month. Shouldn’t be too hard – just need to remember to do it!

-take awesome photos of Ella. If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to practice.

-take long walks in the fabulous weather that’s arriving. We’ve been so fortunate to have a relatively mild summer, we’ve barely had the air conditioning on at all, and I especially love waking up when it’s just a little bit chilly in the house. (Of course, it just makes me want to snuggle down more in our warm bed.)

-love Phil like awesome. ‘Cuz it doesn’t get any better than that.

Happy September y’all!