January 22

I’m grateful for just enough light seeping in around the edges of the curtains, so I can stare at my beautiful baby girl.

I’m grateful for a few extra minutes of holding her today, even though I am SO tired.

I am grateful for her stillness, because oh my LORD is she a wiggle worm these days.

I’m grateful for her ridiculously silly and amazingly sweet and kind older brother, who, when I was setting her up on the floor with toys, helped me gather them from one room and bring them to her in the other room, without being asked or prompted in any way.

I’m grateful for his giggles and cries of “more!” when I smother him in kisses.

I am grateful for Phil, for changing diapers without complaint, for taking the morning off work to hang out with us so I could go to a meeting, for cleaning the kitchen and making popcorn, and walking outside in the freezing cold to fetch ice cream for us. For the way we always tell each other how bedtime went, even though it’s mostly the same story.

I’m grateful that Enzo says things like “sleepy bug,” or “night night,” or “dumpie,” when he’s ready to go to sleep.

I’m grateful for my family. My beautiful, amazing family.


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