…and then there’s your answer

I’ve been wondering what I would write about tonight, and I almost wrote a quick post this afternoon to knock something out, talking about something or another… I’m so glad I waited.

Monday night is band night. Phil & three friends go into our basement & play a concert just for me, only slightly garbled by the two stories of house between us. Of course, they call it “practice,” but that’s beside the point. In any case, Monday means bedtime for both babies is squarely on me. Fortunately Elsie was tired, and the band was running a little late, and I made Phil give me five more minutes so I could put her down before being left with Enzo on my own.

And boy, did he stretch out bedtime. I generally try to keep it to three 15 minute segments: 1) play; 2) quiet snuggles on the couch with books & milk; 3) lights-out snuggles on the couch; then it’s time for bed, whether he’s asleep or not.

Tonight, it was a full hour before we got to lights out. 😳

I kept that to the 15 minutes though, and then asked him if he wanted to do “dumpie.” He loves construction trucks, and one day for nap, I pretended to be a dump truck loading him into his crib, and then I did a jackhammer to tuck him in, and weeks later it still works (!), even though I didn’t do it at all while we were on vacation. And tonight it still worked, and I’m still surprised. He parroted my “dumpie,” and then said “nap,” which is his word for his crib, and both of them seemed to be assents, not arguments. So… Dumpie it is then. And he was SO HAPPY to go to bed! He snuggled into his mattress and pillow, and said “night night.” And he squirmed and gave me the HAPPIEST smiles.

I jackhammered him in, and he was still saying “night night, mommy,” and I laughed at him while I finished settling down his room and gathering my things, and said “night, night, Enzo.”

I was almost ready to leave when he said “kiss? kiss?” And ZOMG, I melted in a puddle of teh cutes. And while leaning over a tall crib rail to kiss a toddler only a few inches off the floor isn’t the easiest thing in the world – by God, that kid was smothered in kisses. 😍😍😍

As I was walking out the door, fit to bursting with love and oxytocin from the sweetest toddler ever, I said “sweet dreams, Enzo, I love you.”

And he said back “amboo, mommy.”

And that is what I’m grateful for today.


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