These are the things I love today, from small crafters whose work I love. Consider this a conscientious gift-buying guide. No one in their right mind needs a hot cocoa making appliance (even if it IS on sale), but everyone should get a little handmade-gifting love this holiday:

The Coolest Cloud from Argyle Whale:

Green textured dupioni silk pillow from Darling Octopus:

Monkit the Monstroctopus from loveandsandwich:

(For the name alone people, seriously.)

Hoop earrings from Swear Jar Design:

I have these in red and wear them all the time. Plus, made by a guy. I have much love for the male crafty types.

Fusion Drop Pendant from Wearable Jules:

Mean Cards (effing HILARIOUS):

And Monster Face t-shirts from my wonderful husband’s Etsy store:

Disclaimer: I confess to grabbing all of these images from the artists’ websites without permission. If anyone wants me to take it down, I will. (But I love your work, and just want other people to love it too. ‘kay?)

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