Happy Birthday Skooch!

Our puppy Ella turned one today! She celebrated by chewing on the rug in our bedroom, and getting some special birthday applesauce (this dog LOVES her fruits and veggies!)

To see how far we’ve come with the Puppy of a Thousand Nicknames (Ella-Bella, Skooch, crackpuppy…), here’s a pic taken right after we got her:


Nom nom nom

And a couple weeks later:


Oh hai. I haz a stik.

On her first playdate, with a fellow doxie named Rascal:






Hanging on the back porch:


Luvs the sunshines.

No comment:


Definitely. Not. Spoiled.

And really, I’m cutting this short, I promise. One last one, from our beach trip in October:


Happy puppy


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