With no particular place to go

On the 24th, Phil and I participated in a Pumpkin Run Road Rally, which is basically an excuse to drive with a bunch of friends and look at the leaves. The organizer also takes donations for Toys for Tots, so if you think about it, this is really our kick-off to the holiday season. This year’s route took us out Route 60, up 151, over the mountain on the VERY curvy 56 (where Ella got queazy, poor thing!), over to 81 to 64, jumped off onto 250 to route 6, and then back up 29 to return to 64. We were gone for about 6 hours, all-told. When we left Richmond, it was overcast and we hit patches of rain. By the time we made it to the mountains, the clouds had broken up, a beautiful blue sky revealed itself, and the leaves shown in all their autumnal glory. (That’s right, I said “autumnal.” It’s my second favorite seasonal/meteorological term, after “tornadic”. So there.)

Along the ride, to keep it interesting, we had to fill out trivia questions (the post number of the VFW hall we passed,  the name of a particular intersection, etc…) Correct answers were worth 10 points, with one point deducted for each mile we were over/under the official mileage tally. We came in second, which was slightly disappointing since we had wanted to keep up our previous streak: we took last year off to attend a friend’s wedding, but had taken first place the three previous years. Oh well, we only lost by a point, and we’ll kill ’em next year. Here are some of my fave photos of the drive:




Blue skies!








Ella tries to make a new best friend


We're not so different, you and I


Storybook view of the valley


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