Today’s wish list

*Stone pavers, so I can terrace the small hill at the front of our yard

*A fence in the front yard, so Ella can run around the whole place.

*More baby plants, since my seeds didn’t grow on their own. 😦

*A hammock stand – I have the hammock, and no where to hang it.

*A mosquito free back yard.

*A week off.

*A whole lotta paint – I want to paint the trim in the house, a couple of doors, and the kitchen, including the cabinets.

*A tile backsplash.

*New counters in the kitchen.

*New floors in the kitchen.

*New windows.

*Paid off credit cards.

*A bike.

*The invoice for my stolen computer so I can give it to the insurance company so I can get a new one.

*Oh yeah, and a new heating system for the house.

I heard a story on Fresh Air about the credit card industry today, and it made me depressed. I’m one of those people that is carrying way more debt than she would like, and I just feel like I’m in a hole I will never get out of, even though I have a plan, and it’s working just the way it should. It’s just VERY frustrating to think that while I’m doing the right thing, credit card companies are “innovating” to keep me in debt. And thus, keep me away from my wish list above. Kinda makes me furious.

Can I go home now?


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