Um… been awhile

Okay, so no one’s reading this, but here’s the update anyway.

We got a puppy at the end of March. Her name is Ella, and here’s a pic:

Ella on the prowl

Ella on the prowl

The weekend after we got her, I ran the Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10k. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to have done that. When we started the training program, it took me over 16 minutes to run that first mile. It was a brutal attempt, but I did run the whole thing. By the time the 10k came around ten weeks later, I was able to run every last inch of those 6.2 miles, which was my main goal, and I even finished in under 80 minutes, which was a yeah-it-would-be-nice-goal. (That’s less than 13 minutes per mile! A big difference from that first week, huh?) Thanks so much to Phil for all his encouragement and support. I really don’t think I could’ve done it without ya babe. :-*

The biggest news lately is that I’ve actively taken on managing Phil’s art business. I figured it wasn’t going to help either of us along if I just harassed him to complete applications for craft fairs, and bugged him to talk to people. So I’ve been researching places to go and people to meet, and we’re already making progress. The great part is that now we have some momentum building, and both of us are attacking the next steps. It’s not always easy, but it’s amazing how incredible the awesome days are, and how much they compensate for the less-than-awesome days.

This past weekend, we were at the Strawberry Street Festival here in Richmond, and we had a pretty good day. We’re working on a solution so we can take credit cards, and as soon as we have that figured out, I think our sales will be much bigger. We’ve got a couple of weekends off, and then we have what will hopefully be the start a big, huge summer for us. The last weekend in May we will be in Philadelphia at the Art Star Craft Bizarre. I’ll be blogging as we get more shows booked, and I’m definitely looking forward to making lots of new arty (and art-businessy??) friends.

So that’s the news. More frequent blogging coming! I promise!


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